Our Real Challenge As EMDR Therapists- Especially When We Want More Out-Of-Pocket (Private Pay) EMDR Clients:
Full-Time EMDR therapists
Part-Time EMDR therapists
This is our unique challenge as EMDR therapists - especially when we want more out-of-pocket (private pay) EMDR clients.  If you agree, fill in your details below to see if you qualify to get the solution.
"Help more people while getting better financially..."
On a personal note, When I first started as an EMDR therapist my fees were below the average. Now they are among the highest in my country.
Fill in your details below to see if you qualify to know how it is done.
Dr. Tal Croitoru 
 - Approved EMDR Consultant and Best-Selling Author
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This questionnaire will be sent directly to Dr. Tal Croitoru. Please allow up to 2 business days for approval (you will be notified by email if you do qualify). 

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